Organization Fair Introduces New Opportunities for Students

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September 22, 2023 | Downers Grove, IL

The Underserved Medicine Club assists underserved populations while simultaneously giving students the opportunity to broaden their healthcare expertise and provide service to those in need.

Midwestern University held its annual organization fair in order to encourage student participation, volunteer work, and collaboration across a variety of healthcare professions. Over 40 student campus organizations, campus departments, community service agencies, and local vendors were present to offer opportunities to students.

Volunteer work and community service are central to Midwestern University’s commitment to educating students to become patient-centered healthcare professionals. Medical student Ezra Kim (CCOM ’26) is the president of the Underserved Medical Club and said they assist the homeless. He said the more students join, the more ideas they come up with, and the more they can help the underserved population. “You get experiences in that area (medical field) especially if you know that this is what you want to do, and you explore how you want to do that,” Ezra said.

Pharmacy student Bianca Chen (CPDG ’25) and medical student Josephine Tsang (CCOM ’26) are members of the Asian Healthcare Association, which offers a monthly volunteer event in a Chinatown clinic. Patients are offered free healthcare for health screenings such as checking blood pressure. Josephine said, “When we go to the clinic, we share a cultural background with the patients and can talk and help them. I’m able to speak Chinese and can help with translating.” Bianca added, “We use the knowledge we’ve learned in class to help patients understand their health better and let them know what they can do to monitor their health.” 

The Geriatrics Club offers students a chance to learn all the aspects of providing healthcare to geriatric patients.

Medical student Sophie Lee (CCOM ’26) is the president of the Geriatrics Club, which informs students about the complexity and rewards of becoming healthcare providers for geriatric patients. “Geriatrics is applicable to all fields of medicine. As an organization, we have a lot of volunteer opportunities. If you join the organization, you get an in-depth look into the field.”

Medical student Toni Hahn (CCOM ’26) is the vice-president of the Sports Medicine Club. “We are trying to get more students involved and volunteer in our events and learn more about sports medicine.” Toni mentioned that one of their upcoming activities includes presenting a splinting workshop at the 2023 Mini Medical School event.

Students have a chance to increase their knowledge and discover more about sports medicine in the Sports Medicine Club.

Many students expressed interest in joining organizations. Biomedical Sciences student Saja Hamdam (CGS ’24) signed up for the College of Graduate Studies Women’s Health Organization to be “in an environment where people like you talk about the issues that are ongoing in women’s health.”

In addition to providing and building upon healthcare knowledge and services, Midwestern University also offers student organizations that reflect its commitment to support diverse faith traditions.

Speech-Language Pathology student Minoo Yar (SLP ’24) is a member of the Muslim Student Association, and she said joining the organization is a good opportunity to meet students who identify with the same culture, have the same types of experiences, and collaborate with other organizations. “It helps with increasing social skills. There are a lot of opportunities to meet students from different departments and build those long-lasting relationships.”

Medical student Michelle Shterenfeld (CCOM ’26), Vice President of the Jewish Student Union, said, “I feel like the Jewish Student Union helps bring people together. Joining an organization makes you aware of other cultures and more well-rounded.”

Medical student Garrett Borger (CCOM ’26) is the president of the Fellowship of Christian Healthcare, and he said there is a misconception that a person cannot be both a healthcare professional and a Christian. The organization helps people to learn to talk about their faith with healthcare, Garrett said.

Participating clubs and organizations in the fair also include One Health Club, Exercise is Medicine, Hispanic Healthcare Association, PRIDE, Student Senate, and for the first time MWU Gaming Club. A variety of clubs and organizations are available at the Downers Grove and Glendale campuses.