Articulation Agreement Between Midwestern University Programs

Helpful information for Midwestern University currently-enrolled students who wish to apply for another University program.

Requirements for the Agreement Between Midwestern University Programs

At the time of application, students enrolled in a Midwestern University program are guaranteed an admission interview with another Midwestern University program if the student:

  1. Is in good standing in the academic program in which the student is currently enrolled or has completed the program within the last 12 months prior to the application and does not have any pending misconduct charges against the student;
  2. Meets all admission requirements for the professional program of interest;
  3. After a minimum of one full-time quarter of study, achieves a minimum Midwestern University grade point average, derived from all courses completed at Midwestern University, that is equal to or greater than 3.0; and
  4. Achieves a score on the professional entrance exam that is not less than one standard deviation below the mean score for students who matriculated into the professional degree program in the previous year.

Note: Students must meet all application deadlines for the professional program of interest. A guaranteed interview does not guarantee admission into the professional program