Tips for Applicants

Tips for those interested in attending Midwestern University.

Our Academic Partnership

Midwestern University's admissions professionals are committed to working in partnership with pre-health advisors to find good matches for prospective students in the health sciences. Because our programs are competitive, we look for applicants who meet our academic requirements and who will also make a positive contribution to our academic community. We are proud of our record of success, our state-of-the-art facilities, and our dedicated faculty and staff.

What makes for a typical MWU Student?

We look for people who want to spend their careers helping others. This is reflected in a strong track record of volunteering, community service, and leadership. In addition to impressive academic credentials, we also evaluate clinical experience in both volunteer and work positions. We also realize that communication skills are crucial for health professionals, so students must possess both written and verbal abilities. The bottom line is that strong applicants need more than just good numbers; they need to demonstrate a commitment to caring for others.

How can you help your students improve their chances at MWU?

  • Encourage them to apply early. The sooner an application file becomes complete, the more competitive it becomes in the process.
  • Letters of recommendation are important. We care about what faculty and health professionals have to say about an applicant.
  • Present a well-rounded resume of clinical experience, volunteer service, and leadership. We're looking for the cream of the crop.
  • Visit our campuses. You'll be impressed by our facilities and our people. Get to know us, and let us know how we can help you.

Our counselors and recruiters travel locally and nationally to meet with prospective students and advisors. If you would like us to visit your campus and provide a presentation to your students, please let us know.

If you need additional information, we are happy to provide it. 

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