Disability & Accommodation Forms

Although students can apply for accommodations at any time during their academic program, it is strongly advised that if you are seeking accommodations, you have the following paperwork and documentation submitted to the Office of Student Services prior to your request.

  • Students must fill out the Request for Accommodations for Disability Application ( RADA) prior to consideration of such requests. To expedite the process, students are encouraged to have this form completed prior to their meeting with Student Services. 
  • Documentation is required from a qualified health professional or diagnostic service agency and a report must be on file in the Office of the Dean of Students before any accommodation can be granted. Students requesting accommodations should download the appropriate form for their specific disability for completion by a qualified professional. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure that all required documentation is forwarded to the Office of the Dean of Students. A student’s request for accommodations will not be considered until all supporting documentation has been received.

Application Forms and Documentation Forms


The following is a list of accommodations that may be considered, given the student has provided the appropriate documentation:

  • Extra time on timed examinations and/or quizzes
  • Extra time on in-class assignments
  • Provisions to take examinations and/or quizzes in a distraction reduced environment (smaller room, few test takers). Please note: a private, separate room may not be feasible.
  • Audiotaping of lectures, when available
  • Front row access in classes with assigned seating
  • Other accommodations will be considered as presented


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