Costs for Doctor of Dental Medicine - Glendale

Cost of attendance budget for College of Dental Medicine, Glendale.

Cost of Attendance Budget 2024-2025

The information below is provided to assist incoming students in estimating their monthly budget while considering available financial resources for the academic year (e.g., earnings, financial aid, family assistance). Tuition and fees are billed directly to a student’s account by the University. Budget items are estimated costs based on average monthly living expenses multiplied by the number of months in the program’s academic year. These costs may vary for each student, consequently, each student should determine anticipated expenses while in school. Please note, student loans are not available during periods on non-attendance (i.e., summer quarter, leave of absence), however, the Federal Work-Study program may be an option to those that qualify.

Tuition and Fees

Dental Medicine – Glendale Tuition and Fees
Tuition and Fees
1st Year2nd Year3rd Year4th Year
Student Services Fee750750750750
Technology Fee1,397000
Other Dental Fees
(includes instrument rentals/supplies, labs)
Disability Insurance Fee63636363
Total Tuition and Fees:
(tuition is expected to increase between 2% to 3%)

Living Expenses and Other Costs

Dental Medicine – Glendale Living Expenses and Other Costs
Budget Items/Estimated Costs1st Year 
(9-Month Budget
2nd Year 
(9-Month Budget
3rd Year 
(12-Month Budget
4th Year 
(12-Month Budget
Books, course materials and supplies (1st yr. equipment fee included)$3,896$1,974$150$150
Personal Expenses: on-campus/off-campus/with parent option2,9702,9703,9603,960
Personal Expenses: thrifty option1,4671,4671,9561,956
Health Insurance3,6003,6003,6003,900
Housing: on-campus option10,44010,44013,92013,920
Housing: off-campus option18,00018,00024,00024,000
Housing: with parent option6,3006,3008,4008,400
Housing: thrifty option5,7605,7607,6807,680
Food: on-campus/off-campus option4,5004,5006,0006,000
Food: with parent option2,0252,0252,7002,700
Food: thrifty option2,6642,6643,5523,552
Travel/Transportation: on-campus/ thrifty option (includes auto insurance and registration)2,9002,9006,4206,420
Travel/Transportation: off-campus/ with parent option (includes auto insurance and registration)5,1985,1987,1847,184
License exam fee003,7940
Average Loan Origination Fees4,6284,4424,8944,606
Total Budget Items/Estimated Costs: on-campus option$32,934$30,826$42,738$38,956
Total Budget Items/Estimated Costs: off-campus option$42,792$40,684$53,582$49,800
Total Budget Items/Estimated Costs: with parent option$28,617$26,509$34,682$30,900
Total Budget Items/Estimated Costs: thrifty option$24,915$22,807$32,046$28,264