International Students

Midwestern University welcomes international students.


International Students 

(Non U.S. Citizens/ Non U.S Permanent Residents/DACA)

Greetings and welcome to Midwestern University! We are here to assist you in transitioning to our university and to the United States. Moving to a new place and learning a new culture is never easy, but our purpose is to provide you with relevant information to make this transition as smooth as possible. We are truly committed to help you understand the requirements for being an international student, and to get you acquainted with Midwestern University.

Please review this important additional information specifically for international students:  

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Dreamer students

DACA/Dreamer Applicants are defined as:

  • Non-US citizens currently in the United States who do not hold an immigration or student visa
  • Individuals not defined as a permanent resident, refugee or person receiving asylum
  • Brought to the US by parents or other relatives and were under age 16 at the time of arrival
  • May or may not have filed DACA paperwork with the US Government

DACA/Dreamer students are not eligible for federal financial aid, institutional merit awards or state-based aid. DACA/Dreamer students may be eligible for private loan options, as well as the MWU loan for eligible programs as long as they have a valid U.S. cosigner. For more information on funding your health professions education, please refer to the Paying for College resources provided by the Office of Student Financial Services.   

International Student Hub Canvas Course

Current students and deposited applicants can access the International Student Hub Canvas Course by logging into their student portal.     

Admissions information

View international applicant requirements in the Admissions section of the course catalog.

International applicants | Arizona campus

International applicants | Downers Grove campus

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