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Program-Specific Scholarships

Scholarships for Biomedical Sciences Students

Scholarships for Cardiovascular Science / Perfusion Students

  • Program specific scholarships are not available at this time. Please see our General Scholarships section.   

Scholarships for Nurse Anesthesia Students

Scholarships for Clinical Psychology Students

Scholarships for Dental Medicine Students

Scholarships for Health Professions Students

Scholarships for Occupational Therapy Students

Scholarships for Optometry Students

Scholarships for Osteopathic Medicine Students

Scholarships for Pharmacy Students

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General Scholarships For All Programs

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International Student Scholarships

Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program

Eligible Disciplines: (See below) Please contact your local Health Professions Recruiter for the latest discipline eligibility - Scholarships are limited but may be available in your program, apply early! 

Clinical Psychology Clinical Psychology Dental
Dental Dental Occupational Therapy
Osteopathic Medicine Nurse Anesthesia Optometry
Pharmacy Occupational Therapy Osteopathic Medicine
Physician Assistant Optometry Physician Assistant
Optometry Osteopathic Medicine Podiatry
Physician Assistant
Veterinary Medicine

Clinical Psychology Clinical Psychology Dental
Dental Dental Occupational Therapy
Osteopathic Medicine Nurse Anesthesia Osteopathic Medicine
Pharmacy Occupational Therapy Physician Assistant
Physician Assistant Osteopathic Medicine Optometry
Optometry Pharmacy
Physician Assistant

Program Description: Competitive scholarship offered through the Air Force, Army, and Navy based on academic performance and recommendations.

Eligibility: U.S. citizens that physically qualify must be enrolled or accepted for enrollment.

Award Amount: Full tuition and fees plus a monthly stipend. The stipend amount increases every July 1.

Renewal Information: Contracts must be renewed annually.

Condition of Award: For each year the scholarship is received, the student must agree to serve one year as a medical officer. Minimum 3 year obligation.

Deadline to Apply: Spring (varies)

Program/Application Information:

Additional Information:

Air Force:
National Guard: James W. Freda Office: 602-629-4011; Cell: 480-353-8502

Army-Reserve Nurse Corps

Eligible Disciplines: Certified Nurse Anesthesia Students

Program Description: Specialized training assistance program 

Award amount: $2,000 per month stipend (stipend is included in the financial aid package), loan repayment for up to $50,000.

Condition of award: There is a service commitment.

Program/Application Information: Contact a local recruiter 602/253-0371.

Podiatry Insurance Company of America (PICA)

Eligible Disciplines: Third-Year Podiatric Medical Students Only

Program Description: This scholarship was established for the benefit of third year podiatry students attending the Glendale, Arizona campus who have actively participated in community service activities and have demonstrated leadership qualities. This scholarship fund was developed as a result of funding provided by the Podiatry Insurance Company of America (PICA).

Eligibility: Students attending one of the colleges of podiatric medicine

Award Amount: $2,500

Condition of Award: Must be a third-year podiatric medicine student

Deadline to Apply: Varies

Application Information: Students will receive notice during the academic year of scholarship availability and deadline date via University mail.


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