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Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine - Arizona, Office of Continuing Dental Education (MWUCDM-AZ CDE) provides a range of education programs for the dental professional. When Continuing Education Credits are offered, the program is to be strictly educational and by definition, non-promotional. The following guideline contains the procedures under which MWUCDM-AZ CDE will engage in educational activities:

  • Continuing education programs are educational and non-promotional.
  • Continuing education programs are created and implemented independent from the promotional influences of the commercial entities.
  • Generic names will be used for any discussion of a specific product, when possible, and there will be a balanced presentation of competing therapies and any limitations on the data.
  • Instructors will adhere to the ADA's Principles of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct.
  • Instructors will present using Evidence Based Dentistry.
  • Instructors will disclose any potential Conflicts of Interest in the start of continuing education program.
  • Conflict of Interest can include stock ownership, current or past employment, paid consultant services, paid speaking engagements, membership on advisory boards or funded research activities.
  • MWUCDM-AZ CDE will separate commercial entities product displays from the learning environment and disclose to all the participants any unrestricted grants or sponsorship received for the continuing education programming.
  • There will be opportunity for debate in panel discussions and small group discussions within all continuing education programs.

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