Clinical Rotations

The Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine is accredited by the Bureau of Professional Education of American Osteopathic Association (AOA). The Bureau of Professional Education is recognized as the accrediting agency for Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine by the United States Office of Education and the Council of Post-secondary Accreditation (COPA).

We offer Preceptors faculty appointment, discounts at our medical bookstore, access to our medical library, and CME credit for teaching, which we report to each preceptor annually.

OMS-I and OMS-II students are expected to assess the patients' condition, and perform a History and Physical by the completion of their first academic year.

OMS-III and OMS-IV students are supervised by preceptors in various ward-based rotations where students function in residency-based team settings, including the office, hospital, or clinic, where they will conduct patient care and perform clinical tasks while under the supervision of a preceptor. The students should be able to integrate theory with practice cases; maintain logs of patient cases and procedures; and complete the required readings. Students can also expect to deliver comprehensive oral and written case presentations, participate in peer review, and demonstrate professionalism at all times.

To become eligible for promotion to the third year, each second-year student must take COMLEX-USA Level 1. To become eligible for graduation, each fourth-year student must have taken and passed the COMLEX-USA Level 1 and have taken and passed COMLEX-USA Levels 2CE (comprehensive exam) and Level 2PE (patient experience). Note: During the COVID-19 pandemic, students in the Class of 2021 were unable to take COMLEX-USA Level 2 PE due to test postponements. Students in that class were assessed through the use of an EPA tool to assure readiness for patient care in a residency setting as a PGY1.

MS-III Core Rotations

MS-III core rotations cover 44 weeks. 4 weeks of cardiology, general surgery, OB/GYN, pediatrics and psychiatry, 8 weeks of family medicine and internal medicine , 4 weeks of rural/underserved and 4 weeks of Primary Care.

MS-IV Core Rotations

MS-IV core rotations cover 40 weeks. 4 weeks each of critical care/ICU, emergency medicine, sub-specialty surgery and sub specialty internal medicine, 24 weeks of electives which may include a month for research and/or a month of international training with DOCARE.


All AZCOM students are expected to adhere to the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) Code of Ethics.

Ethics and Policies

The AOA stands firmly behind osteopathic physicians' ethical and professional responsibilities to patients and the medical profession.

Code of Ethics

The American Osteopathic Association has formulated this Code to guide its member physicians in their professional lives. The standards presented are designed to address the osteopathic physician's ethical and professional responsibilities to patients, to society, to the AOA, to others involved in healthcare and to self.

Further, the American Osteopathic Association has adopted the position that physicians should play a major role in the development and instruction of medical ethics.

Read the AOA Code Of Ethics.


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