Our Vision

Our Vision:

We will prepare the resident to provide high quality, person-centered care directed by geriatrics principles, integrate geriatric concepts into health professional education, and develop an individual's geriatric practice management. 

Strategies for Achieving our Vision:

  • Seeking prospective residents that are passionate about geriatric patient care, eager to take initiative, and interested in teaching.
  • Providing a resident-centered learning environment.
  • Engaging and supporting residents in all aspects of professional development, including service, leadership, and scholarly activity.
  • Exposing residents to key elements of academia beyond precepting and lecturing.
  • Recruiting and retaining preceptors that are passionate about geriatric patient care, engaged in personal preceptor development, and contributing to the geriatric body of knowledge.
  • Maintaining and developing a variety of experiences in diverse geriatric patient care settings.


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